#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 72 – Time to make a decision! “Kepner Tregoe” and more

Ep 72 – Time to make a decision! “Kepner Tregoe” and more

The Kepner Tregoe Decision model is a useful tool to find the best possible choice, not a perfect solution.  Your first step in this model is to identify the situation, define concerns and choose a direction.  The next step is determining the problem and it’s root cause.  I personally feel like root cause is often left out of the equation.  Next you list alternatives and perform an analysis on each.  The last step is to identify possible problems with the alternatives.  Once you have created objectives, you should weight each one, this will aid in scoring the alternatives.  One aspect we like in the Kepner Tregoe model is that you also weight adverse effects, or potential problems, that come with the alternatives offered.  Through this method, you are coming out with truly the best possible solution-as long as you were objective in weighting objectives and alternatives, which is always difficult. 


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