#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 43 – ASQ Houston – Fab and Simplified Lean Six Sigma

Ep 43 – ASQ Houston – Fab and Simplified Lean Six Sigma

Job Shops, Lean Six Sigma, Quality and why these are dirty words, and should not be. Perhaps, the problem is in our daily lives, we have “Certification Projects” instead of solving this problem. Not all problems require a regression analysis.

Can we do a four hour Kazan instead of a four day? According to Fab, we tend to agree, solving these problems does not require complex overly involved methods. Improvement can often be completed largely by observation, and not by six months of data collection. How are you going to collect data when you don’t even have a process. The first step is to just identify WHAT the process is.

Six Sigma is a GREAT tool, Lean is a GREAT tool, but they are tools with a purpose an a methodology, but we cannot get stuck in our “Certification Projects”.

We have to say, talking to Fab was great, if you want to learn more about him, check out his information below!

Fabrice Boucherau
[email protected]



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