#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 172 – The Never-Ending Podcast – Quality Assurance and the Groundhog Day of Aviation

Ep 172 – The Never-Ending Podcast – Quality Assurance and the Groundhog Day of Aviation

In this seemingly never-ending episode of #QualityMatters, hosts Kyle Chambers and Caleb Adcock tackle the theme of repetition and resilience in the world of aviation quality assurance, drawing a whimsical parallel to Groundhog Day. This episode delves into the challenges and triumphs of manufacturing high-quality aviation parts, with a special focus on a recurring issue akin to a door plug repeatedly coming loose. Amidst discussions on Boeing’s manufacturing excellence and Spirit’s innovative solutions, our hosts share insights into the meticulous world of aviation quality control. The episode highlights the importance of perseverance and continuous improvement—much like the determination needed to break free from a Groundhog Day loop—in ensuring the safety and reliability of air travel. Listen in as we explore how the aviation industry navigates the complexities of manufacturing and quality assurance, with a light-hearted nod to the cyclical nature of problem-solving and innovation.

NTSB preliminary report into 737 Max 9 incident released | king5.com

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