Ep 74 – Matt Sands of “The Mineral Rights Podcast” on implementing lean and continuous improvement

From sales, service, accounting and of course the production floor Quality Matters. Regardless if you implementing lean or continuous improvement in the office or shop floor management buy in is key, but don’t neglect the folks doing the work day to day. Continuous improvement is more than the tools and processes but an overall change management journey.

“If it is going to be successful, it has got to be a part of the everyday way people do their work”

Learn more about our guest today, Matt Sands, host of the Mineral Rights Podcast.

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Matt Sands has over 20 years of professional work experience in the oil & gas industry across all areas of the business.  The last 3 years of his corporate career with Shell were focused on helping to implement improvements in the way Shell’s unconventionals business managed business process, data, and systems.  For the past 5 years, he has exclusively focused on mineral rights & royalties.  Matt is the managing member of Silverheels Investments LLC which is a family-owned company focused on mineral rights advisory services and investing in minerals and royalties in select basins across the US.  He provides mineral valuation and advisory services for mineral owners who are looking for additional help in selling their property.

Ep 74 - Matt Sands of "The Mineral Rights Podcast" discussing how to implement lean and continuous improvement
Ep 74 – Matt Sands of “The Mineral Rights Podcast” discussing how to implement lean and continuous improvementhttps://mineralrightspodcast.com/

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