Ep 110 – Iceland – 4 day work week – and productivity

We previously discussed a similar article involving a four day work week where Microsoft ran an experiment in Japan. Today we are discussing a very similar experiment where the entire nation (just about) of Iceland has moved to a standard four day work week. Sounds great to us, but the questions we have are, is this sustainable and will it work here in America? There are a lot of factors involved, potential of unintended consequences, but worth considering! What do you think? Check out Episode 40 below!

WASHINGTON — Researchers in Iceland found that a four-day workweek, without a pay cut, improved worker’s wellbeing dramatically.

The study, published by the independent think tank Autonomy, followed 2,500 workers in Iceland for four years to see how they would react to only 35 to 36 hours of work a week instead of 40. The researchers said after tracking workers from 2015 to 2019, it was “by all measures an overwhelming success.”


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