Ep 59 – Tale of Two Managers

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had an unpleasant car repair experience. In this episode, we share an experience we had, but through the lens of leadership vs. management. Within the same company, the manager was lacking, but the leader was not.

We really aren’t using our platform to complain, although it’s a grand and unbelievable story, we see most of our experience through the lens of quality and where the breakdown is. It was amazing to both of us the difference in the two supervisors within the same company. One was higher up than the other, but this goes back to our previous episode. Leaders must choose good managers. Your company is only as good as the people you have representing it. After dealing with the manager on location, we were not ever going to return. However, the “leader”, the higher up, put first things first and worked diligently to earn our business back. So, where is the break down? The “leader” either is lacking in communication to managers or is not hiring people that put their first things first or Kyle and I are missing something somewhere.

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