#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 14 – #OTC2019 – Aquanaut | Dustless Blasting | JMP Wellhead MFG

Ep 14 – #OTC2019 – Aquanaut | Dustless Blasting | JMP Wellhead MFG

Fun Times at #OTC2019 – Aquanaut | Dustless Blasting | Wellhead MFG – #QualityMatters

What a week #OTC2019 “Offshore Technology Conference” was.  We are very grateful for the experience to not only go, but to have a chance to talk to so many innovative teams and people.  We are publishing three interviews with week and again next week.  Such a shame we cannot cover more of the amazing companies and innovative solutions.

Houston Mechatronics – Aquanaut

You gotta see this thing, its an underwater transformer, so much fun.  These folks are changing subsea technology with Aquanaut. It’s not a secret. The offshore industry pays way too much for subsea robotics service. That’s because the robot isn’t fit for purpose. We think that another class of vehicle is needed. It’s not an AUV. It’s not an ROV. We built an all-electric underwater transformer, Aquanaut. We then implemented novel technology in order to remove the need for a tether while still ensuring command authority with an operator.

#OTC - Auquanaut - Houston Mechatronics 5
#OTC - Auquanaut - Houston Mechatronics 4
#OTC - Auquanaut - Houston Mechatronics 2

Dustless Blasting – Environmentally Friendly Abrasive Blasting 

Kyle spent nearly 10 years as the HSE “Health-Safety-Environmental” Manager, and abrasive blasting was the single biggest headache.  Everything from air permits, worry about soil contamination, large expensive suits and breathing apparatus and the endless filters, augers and on and on.  Dustless Blasting offers a great product that can decrease Health-Safety Risks, Environmental Impact, and cost in decreased equipment and compliance costs.  These folks are worth checking out!

OTC - Dustless Blasting 2

JMP Petroleum Technologies – Quality Management in Wellhead Manufacturing

These folks had such a great booth, and were happy to talk.  It was very interesting to find out that these folks have been manufacturing in China since the 60’s.  Not only were they an early driver in the modern wellhead manufacturing processes they were one of if not the first manufacturing in China to receive their API 6A and Q1 Certifications.  I think Guy Johnson put it best, it doesn’t matter the language, Quality Standards are Quality Standards.  JMP is operating in all the major shale plays in the US including of course the West Texas & Permian Basin boom.

JMP - Wellheads 1
JMP - Wellheads 3

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