#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 56 – New Mindset to Solve Old Problems

Ep 56 – New Mindset to Solve Old Problems

Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” In this episode, we discuss the importance of using fresh eyes to solve your significant problem.

It is true that you could create a solution yourself, if you’re able to criticize your creation of the problem. Being critical allows you to create a new solution and dissolve the problem. I likened this situation to when authors write a book. They don’t edit it themselves; they pay someone to look for the mistakes. If you have a problem, allow someone else to help you solve it. They can help you see minor hurdles that you overlooked. We discuss internal audits the same way. Yea, you can have someone within your company provide the audit, but it’s easy for them to overlook problems, not intentionally, but because they know what should be done. Then, your company gets docked when the registration body comes to audit. Einstein had some good advice, I’m paraphrasing, get out of your own way and let someone help.

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