Ep 134 – All the responsibility and none of the authority – Management Representative vs Quality Manager

Quality Coordinator / Management Representative, Quality Manager, what’s the difference?  Well, we’re going to tell you in this episode.  ISO 9001 really doesn’t give much direction other than leadership and top management, but generally accepted is the role of the “Quality Manager”. This means and is important that your Quality Manager has management level authority.  They need to be taken seriously and have the ability to carry out tasks and trainings as a manager would.

More important than the title, is the people skills.  Kyle discusses this in detail in this episode.  A quality manager has to be able to communicate well with all people.  Imagine the veteran welder that’s never been questioned now being told he has to rework something because it doesn’t meet the criteria.  You need a quality manager that can respond well and convince the veteran welder it’s for the good of the company and therefor his own good. 

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