Ep 80 – Culture = Quality ”The Quality Matters Methodology Part 2”

The firs step for us in understanding is to define the key words and topics. This might sound like such a glamorous method, but it provides valuable insight. For instance, the word Quality can often mean a characteristic of a product or process or even person. Where on the other hand, Quality can mean a standard of excellence. ISO 9000:2015 defines Quality as :

2.2.1 Quality
An organization focused on quality promotes a culture that results in the behaviour, attitudes, activities and processes that deliver value through fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers and other relevant interested parties.
The quality of an organization’s products and services is determined by the ability to satisfy customers and the intended and unintended impact on relevant interested parties.
The quality of products and services includes not only their intended function and performance, but also their perceived value and benefit to the customer.

These are basics of a good culture. Ultimatly we see that Culture = Quality. Stay tuned as we continue to dive further into the Quality Matters Methodology.

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