#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 49 – Dr Rob Pennington – Successful Work Relationships

Ep 49 – Dr Rob Pennington – Successful Work Relationships

Rob Pennington & Successful Work Relationships

Communication is a sorely overlooked and vital component of any Quality Management System. What do you do when your communication fails?  We are so accustomed to “turning the box green” but so many aspects of our communications cannot be measured by turning a box green.  What about when there is conflict between contractor and client?

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Set clear expectations, remove jargon, remove technical phrases and speak in the words of your client.  What is keeping them up at night?  What are they worrying about on the drive into work?  Focus on these ideas.

What the key phrases they your clients and suppliers are using and concerned with?  If you are looking for implementation and collaboration you have to truly speak to their language.  This requires laying the foundation to communicate based on the client’s needs to avoid conflict. 


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