Ep 115 – How to stand out in the crowd with Jeremy Osterberger of BIC Alliance

This week we are sans Darci again, but Kyle is talking with our friends at BIC Alliance on how to stand out in the crowd with Jeremy Osterberger, President and Chief Operating Officer. Jeremy has some great lessons from his own career personally and from his family generations back in the Oil & Gas and Energy Industry at large.

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Maybe you need to stand a brick or cook biscuits in the morning, but find your mark and make it count! Regardless where you are in your career or in the Oil & Gas Industry at large, the great folks at BIC Alliance are there to help you and your team meet your strategic goals and objectives, find and hire the right people and stand out in the crowd.

Find Jeremy on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyosterberger/
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