#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 133 – Don’t Fall Trap to the “An App for That” Nightmare

Ep 133 – Don’t Fall Trap to the “An App for That” Nightmare

One more new thing, UGH!  This is a struggle in the workplace, we’ve all heard it there’s “An App for That”.  It seems that there is always a new flashy program that’s going to make things easier, better, faster, greatly improve how we do things.  This is the topic of today’s episode.  How do we introduce a software to manage our QMS that we can get the employees on board with?

The best answer is a slow roll out.  A cookie cutter system that is deployed to your company with a “best of luck” attitude will almost always fail.  Having a company like TQA come to your site, see your procedures and how you do things, then introduce the software to just a few people, then continue training and troubleshooting….that’s your best bet.  Don’t make it one more thing your employees have to figure out, let it be something we guide you in using and integrating to make your QMS and business more successful.

That’s what we discuss today, the best way to introduce the new app.  We hope you enjoy!

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