Ep 111 – Border Control and Root Cause Analysis

This week is something new something different for the #QualityMatters podcast. We are examining the border crisis on the Texas border through the lens of quality management and root cause analysis. Let’s face it things in life are almost never as simple as we think they are. People in politics, the workplace, even in our own homes and families and churches we tend to find the single cause that we want to champion. The problem of course is that the world is so much more complex than we often realize or examine it to be. Multiple causal factors exist. When any side champions one cause above sorting out the ultimate root cause well you wind up with a big muddled mess.

Quality matters folks, quality matters in our home in our work in our governments in our churches and our families. These principles matter. We hope you can learn something from today’s episode and apply this to problems you are facing in your life and in your work and dig in and understand that there is oftentimes a deeper root cause or multiple causal factors that all must be addressed in an organized manner.

Learn more about #QualityMatters & Texas Quality Assurance :

Learn more about #QualityMatters & Texas Quality Assurance :
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