#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 70 – Matt Sands & The Importance of Quality and Continuous Improvement During Downturn

Ep 70 – Matt Sands & The Importance of Quality and Continuous Improvement During Downturn

Matt Sands joins us as we discuss continuous improvement and quality and their importance when the oil and gas industry in a downturn. Don’t do the wrong things righter!

Quality shouldn’t be something else that costs you money.  Quality is getting your processes and procedures on paper and doing what you say you’re going to.  This is important anytime, but especially during a downturn when you might be facing a shut down.  Having your procedures in places helps to track everything from how much time a paper sat on someone’s desk for approval to waste to rework.  If you have a quality management program in place, you can track exactly where your money is spent and where you can cut back or do better.  Cushioning the bottom dollar when business is booming helps when a downturn comes.  If you don’t have one in place during a downturn, a quality management program will help you scale back exactly where you are able.  Yes, it’s money you have to spend up front on a consultant to help you, but it’s money well spent and that you’ll not only make back, but be able to track how you made it back.  Continual improvement is strategically names; business should always strive to improve, continuously.  A good quality management program helps that improvement along.

Learn more about our guest today, Matt Sands, host of the Mineral Rights Podcast.

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Matt Sands has over 20 years of professional work experience in the oil & gas industry across all areas of the business.  The last 3 years of his corporate career with Shell were focused on helping to implement improvements in the way Shell’s unconventionals business managed business process, data, and systems.  For the past 5 years, he has exclusively focused on mineral rights & royalties.  Matt is the managing member of Silverheels Investments LLC which is a family-owned company focused on mineral rights advisory services and investing in minerals and royalties in select basins across the US.  He provides mineral valuation and advisory services for mineral owners who are looking for additional help in selling their property.

Ep 70 – Matt Sands & The Importance of Quality and Continuous Improvement During Downturn
Avoid Doing the Wrong things Righter…But, “By What Method?”
JUNE 30, 2020
Guest post by Dr. Doug Stilwell, Drake University

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