#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 155 Small Business & Energy Continuity

Ep 155 Small Business & Energy Continuity

Today we’ve got Mark LaCour joining us to discuss the Energy Continuity Confernce #ECC2023.

The Energy Continuity Conference is set to be held in Pasadena, TX in September 2023, and the main focus of the conference is business continuity and disaster recovery for the energy industry, particularly for small businesses. The conference will feature a range of topics that are relevant to this industry, including Turnaround Manager, Natural Disasters, Workplace Violence (including active shooter situations), Physical Security & Cyber Security, Emergency Preparedness, Crises Management, Environmental Response, Supply Chain Security, and Disaster Recovery – Preparation for Technology Failures.

During the conference, experts in each of these areas will share their insights and knowledge, discussing best practices and strategies that businesses can adopt to ensure they are prepared for any potential disasters or emergencies. Attendees will learn about the latest technologies and techniques that can be used to minimize the impact of disasters, as well as how to effectively manage crises when they do occur. The conference will also explore the importance of environmental response and supply chain security, both of which are crucial for ensuring the sustainability of the energy industry.

Overall, the Energy Continuity Conference promises to be an informative and engaging event for anyone involved in the energy industry, particularly those working in small businesses. By attending, participants will gain valuable insights and skills that can help them to manage risk and ensure their business is prepared for any situation.


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