#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 139 – Navigating the Great Resignation with Erin Urban

Ep 139 – Navigating the Great Resignation with Erin Urban

Ton’s of buzz words from the “The Great Resignation” to “Gig Economy” float around, but we all have heard how hard it is to find and keep good employees. Recently we conducted a survey with OGGN & BIC Alliance to understand the top issues businesses consider worthy of contingency plans. More than hurricanes and other natural disasters or even cyber security was workplace instability. The Great Resignation is hitting most every business right now, and making it harder than ever to keep and attract good talent. What’s the cause? And what’s the solution? We might not have all the answers yet, but one thing is for sure, the new normal is not hear yet and may not be like anything we’re expecting. At the end of the day, people are people and our old ways of may not work as well in our changing world. Good news is, you can improve and make the most of it.

Erin Urban
Executive Coach, Elevate Your Impact
  281.698.7698 |   www.coacheurban.com   Forbes Coaches Council Member   Leadership Psychology Certified




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