Ep 34 – Purdeep Sangha from MalePodcast.com Part 2

If you can master yourself, you can master anything. What a great conversation we have for you this week.

It comes down to managing your own levels of emotion and energy.  If you can master your own inner alignment here, you can influence others.  When you have that inner alignment, you achieve things faster and easier, no more swimming against the current.  True at work and home.

The first step to becoming a leader is understanding what you want out of your life.  There is little to no distinction between your home and work life, they are both part your life and impact each other.  Put the noise aside, put the unfair pressures of life aside, and ask what do I want my life to be like. 

Regardless if your goal is seeing your kids little league game or climbing the corporate ladder, tune in and check it out!

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The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha


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