Ep 91 – Fractional Quality Management – Texas Quality Manager


Supporting small and medium sized business for all your quality management needs.


Can’t Spare Current Staff

Hiring new employees in unstable markets creates risk and can divert management’s focus from core business operations. By working with Texas Quality Assurance, you get a high impact an experienced team of Quality Managers without endangering current business practices.

Immediate Impact

New hires require time to learn the business and start generating results. Because of our to our extensive experience, Texas Quality Assurance is able to quickly integrate into your organization, and drive continual improvement and maintain compliance to existing standards.

Cash Flow

Depending on your business situation or access to working capital, you may not have the financial resources to hire a qualified Quality Manager. Instead of missing an opportunity, get the skills you need for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire, with full-time hire impact.

Interim While You Look

Its hard to find candidates with specific experience, and skills. Rather than wait for a lengthy candidate search, start making an impact today by working with Texas Quality Assurance. Then, if the right candidate comes along, you can bring that hire in to a warm seat. We will even help with the interview and training process for the new hire.

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