#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 168 – QMS Consulting Defects & Nonconformities

Ep 168 – QMS Consulting Defects & Nonconformities

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Episode 168 of the #QualityMatters podcast, hosted by Kyle Chambers from Texas Quality Assurance, continues the consultation mini-series. In this episode, the focus is on discussing non-conformities and defects, particularly in the context of quality management and assurance. The episode delves into the importance of tracking waste, explaining why it matters significantly in quality control and management.

The podcast also explores different methods of consultation, highlighting how some consultants differ from others. This part of the discussion likely offers insights into various approaches to quality assurance consulting, possibly showcasing the unique methodologies employed by Texas Quality Assurance.

A key aspect of this episode is the sharing of “secret sauce” tips on how to effectively manage quality assurance processes. These insights are intended to provide listeners with practical and effective strategies for enhancing their quality management practices.

Additionally, the episode emphasizes the use of QMS software, particularly the TQA Cloud, which is available through a starter subscription. However, it’s noted that the principles and ideas discussed are applicable regardless of the tools used, suggesting that the focus is on universal quality management strategies that can be implemented in various contexts.

Listeners are encouraged to apply these strategies and insights to improve their quality management and assurance processes, aligning with the overarching theme of the podcast to empower quality management, especially for small business owners.

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