#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 166 Tom Taormina & Forensic Investigations

Ep 166 Tom Taormina & Forensic Investigations

Dive into the depths of quality management with episode 166 of #QualityMatters, featuring the distinguished Tom Taormina. As a former NASA Quality Control Engineer and expert witness in quality litigation, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge spanning over five decades. In this episode, we dissect the concept of Forensic Investigations within management systems. Tom challenges the status quo, arguing that traditional management system auditing is often sub-optimal, if not downright ineffective. From his early days at NASA’s Mission Control to consulting with over 700 companies, Tom has reshaped the way we think about quality control and auditing. Join us as we uncover how his approach can enhance your practices, making you not just effective, but exceptional.

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