#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 129 – Dumpy Level & Gradient Measuring Tools

Ep 129 – Dumpy Level & Gradient Measuring Tools

In 2006, Singapore’s Housing and Development Board wanted to improve work processes and better support it’s own mission.  They enlisted the help of Accessway V2 Innovation & Quality Circle to help.  Accessway V2 used the Lotus Blossom Technique to identify problems and solutions.  They decided the problem with the most potential solutions would be the easiest to solve.  This revealed that the tool to check accessible ramp gradients would be the easiest problem to solve.  Also in 2006, at this time, Singapore’s Ministry of National Development announce that the entire island would have to be fully barrier free by the year 2011.  So, improving the tool to accurate measure the ramps made sense.

The current tool, the dumpy level, was cumbersome, time consuming, and it was possible operators were not trained well to use it.  After discussing, brain storming and product research, the Accessway V2 team determined that making a specialized tool would be best, and they were right.  The Gradient Measuring Tool was developed.  Not only did the new tool surpass the goals of the team, it was modified to be used in a number of other public works projects.


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