Ep 103 Why we Never Split the Difference (from Never Split the difference by Chris Voss)

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss is a real-life guide to negotiation.  He was an FBI Hostage negotiator and describes real life situations he was in.  In this episode, we discuss why he choose the title, “Never Split the Difference”.  Chris says that negotiation is hard, and we often compromise “because it is easy,…

Quality Planning & Checking & Chick-fil-A

Ep 26 – Key Processes – Quality Planning & Checking

Continuing the “Understanding the Standard” mini series we dig deep into Quality Planning and Checking to make sure well, you provided a Quality Product.  First, what is Quality?  Quality is documenting what you plan to do, and doing it, and doing it repeatedly. In just 20 minutes we cover everything today from why Chick-fil-A “doesn’t…

Ep 7 – ITC Plant Failure with Mo Aziz and more

With Mo Aziz we are discussing ITC Intercontinental Terminal Companyplant fires in Houston and explorer lessons learned from other plant fire & explosion. Learn more about #QualityMatters & Texas Quality Assurance LLC:LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram  | YouTubewww.qmcast.com | Texas Quality Assurance |QMS Bootcamp