Episode 0042 - ASQ Houston Area Quality Conference

Ep – 42 – ASQ Houston Area Quality Conference

Evidence against that no matter the profession from oil & gas to medical and pharmaceutical Quality Matters.  But be sure you retain those oh so important software skills in order to be effective. Tune in as we interview a couple of amazing speakers from the ASQ ‘American Society for Quality” Houston Area Regional Quality Conference…

Ep 6 – Kenya Medical Aid Supply Chain & ISO 9001

Welcome back to #QualityMatters with husband and wife due Kyle and Darci chambers.  Today we are exploring the impact of a Quality Management System, specifically against ISO 9001 for Kenya Pharma.  For those of you, like us who didn’t know, Kenya Pharma is a project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Chemonics International. Basically that means that Kenya Pharma ensures a reliable supply of high-quality, low-priced pharmaceutical commodities for people with HIV/AIDS in Kenya.