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Culture and Top Down Management | Episode 16

TSimon Sinek - Start with Why - Culture and Top Down Managementoday Darci and Kyle discuss a few pages from Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why and specifically Top Down Leadership and its impact on corporate culture.  Among the topics discussed are Continental Airlines and their amazing turn around after filing for bankruptcy, loosing hundreds of millions of dollars, and churning through 10 CEO’s in 12 months.  It is truly an amazing, interesting and inspirational story, one well worth an additional read, so we’ve left a couple lines below if you are interested in learning more.



Gordon Bethune: The Man Who Turned Continental Airlines Around


Airline veteran Bethune sees ‘egregious sins’ at United


From setting the goal of a 10 minute turn around with Southwest Airlines, or 2.5 million dollars in individual checks for each month Continental Airlines was on time, a clear “vision of good” as Kyle likes to call it is crucial for building a culture. Inspect what you expect, and reward the good behaviors and admonish the bad behviors (firing 39 of the top execs and paying $2.5 million in bonuses while the CEO slings bags just couldn’t be a better example.

Rallying a team around a single easy to understand cause or mission and being able to explain to each team member their role in achieving the goal, and making the goal measurable is so vital to the success of an organization.  Talk about having a Quality Objective, this is what clause 5.1 Leadership and commitment and 5.1.2 Customer focus or the ISO 9001:2015 standard is all about.

[…] doesn’t kill people | Culture Kills People

As promised, the blog post from Kyle Chambers, QMS Advisor with Texas Quality Assurance.

[…] doesn’t kill people | Culture Kills People



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