Ep 98 – Mission Matters – Jeffrey Klima with Eagle Transmission & Automotive

We finally got Jeff on our podcast, the man behind the ethical shop.  It wasn’t a surprise to hear him say things about putting processes and procedures in place.  He has a robust history of improving businesses in different industries, so it made sense when he opened his shop to improve the automotive repair industry. 

Here’s the background.  I’m not selling his shop; I’m telling you what he does to be successful.  Last year, starting in February, both of our cars took turns for almost the whole year breaking different things.  Our cars are old and paid for, so, so far, it’s worth it to us to pay the repairs rather than a car payment.  The first time we dropped a car off, we saw a mission statement about doing things ethically, particularly in the automotive repair industry.  We liked that, but anyone can type up a nice statement and post it.




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