#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 87 – Injection Molding with Adam Smith President of Millennium Plastics

Ep 87 – Injection Molding with Adam Smith President of Millennium Plastics

Injection molding is just what it sounds, using a mold, injecting it with melted material and hardening that material to create the desired product.  It’s not as simple as it sounds, though.  Everything that goes into injection molding must be a quality product to produce tight tolerances.  In this episode, Adam describes to what tolerances he is creating parts as a supplier to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers).  The molds sometimes must be prepped with a coating in order to preserve the quality of the mold.  In addition, the coating can help tighten the tolerance on the product.  We learned that most OEM’s will not even talk to a supplier if they are not ISO 9001 certified and it is best to have other automotive standard certifications.  Adam also briefly discussed dipping his toes in the medical device industry, but after going into detail as to what is involved in that, we understand why they do not venture into it much. 

  • Adam Smith – Founding Partner and President: 
    • Plastics Engineering and Technology bachelor degree from Ferris State University
    • 10 years of engineering, and operations management experience (executive level) in the tight tolerance, safety critical plastic component industry including seat belt components.
    • Designed, Built, and Launched over 100 safety critical injection molds.
    • Achieved world class operating metrics including, 100% on time delivery, <1.0 PPM, and OEE >90%.
    • Successfully launched 2 injection molding facilities on time, and under budget.
    • Featured in Plastics News 2016 edition of Rising Stars.

Millennium Plastics utilizes Industry 4.0 technology to run a lights out injection molding operation that reduces part and process variation, minimizes overhead and direct labor and solves difficult engineering problems.

Adam Smith
Millennium Plastics
[email protected]

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