#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 85 – Making Quality Management Small Biz Friendly

Ep 85 – Making Quality Management Small Biz Friendly

Quality 4.0, “BOK” Body of Knowledge, jargon and Quality Management lingo… So many terms, so difficult to communicate why Quality Matters. Its so important to understand we are marketing Quality Management principles to our team, our customers and our leaders. If it is not understood its not going to be implemented. Small Businesses are often excluded from the conversations, and lets face it most business in America are small business. Lets make Quality “Small Biz Friendly”.

Quality Culture in Small Biz
Luis Iturriaga Morales

“In my experience, small businesses are way back in the quality culture. Advanced statistical tools, strategic planning and other topics are, in many cases, non appealing since those companies are struggling with basic quality control and quality assurance issues. Most of this businesses are family owned and managed as well, which makes formal management a complete and absolute challenge (I once read in a book that “everything that you know about management does not work in family businesses”, and I have verified this once and again many times).” https://my.asq.org/communities/discuss/viewtopic/28/49/3395

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