#QualityMatters Podcast Episode Ep 58 – Leadership vs Management

Ep 58 – Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs Management - Seven Habits

Leadership and management are sometimes used interchangeably.  Covey puts a lot of emphasis on putting first things first and he defines these two words with that in mind.  Leadership decides what things are first, management puts those things first. Leadership vs Management… lots to learn.

Steven Covey – Leadership vs Management – The 7 Habits for Managers

The quality of the people you hire can not be stressed enough.  Your business should start with a meaningful mission statement, your why-to go back to Simon Sinek.  Once you have that, everything you do should coincide with your mission statement.  The people you hire should be able to subordinate their own feelings and values to your mission statement.  The management team should not only believe in but adhere to and spread your mission statement.  Every person in your company should know why you do what you do-that includes your customers.  As a leader, you have to mindful to live your mission statement daily, putting the first things first and encouraging your managers to do their job that way, as well.


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