Ep 121 – 5 Biggest QMS Disasters Part 3 – iPhone 4 and a big Dam(n) Failure

We continue the Top 5 Quality Management System Failures of All Time-a review of an article written by Domenic Tramontana.  We quickly discuss a design flaw with the iPhone 4-an antenna in the wrong place.  Kyle tells us about the process of testing and validation. 

Included in this episode is the Teton Dam.  Construction began on the dam in 1972, and was completed in November of 1975.  On June 3, 1976, two small seeps were observed.  On June 5, 1976 the embankment breached and there was a rapid release of the entire contents of the reservoir.  This flooded 5 counties, 300 square miles and traveled 155 miles downstream.

We discuss the planning, lack of communication and lack of sufficient treatment that caused this incident.  So many different steps could have prevented this tragedy.  We discuss them all. 

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