Ep 114 Part 1 – Delta Variant – Actual vs Perceived Risk and MUCH MORE – with Mark LaCour of OGGN

This is one of the more exciting episodes we have done, and we are releasing this in a special 2 part episode. We have the legendary Mark LaCour of OGGN of the oil and gas global network joining us this week, stepping in for Darci. But more so this is the hot topic of the day, but it does not need to be a topic filled with fear and uncertainty and anxiety. All problems have solutions, and the key to identifying good solutions is the use of quality management principles and the process approach. So please join us as we discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 delta variant, actual risk to our employees and ourselves and the perceived risk and its impact on our organizations as a whole. As Edward Deming so often discussed, these are combinations of common and specialty causes, and understanding that can be crucial to finding good lasting solutions to get back to doing work that matters.

Guest Co-Host this week is Mark LaCour of the OGGN Oil & Gas Global Network

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