Ep 41 – Coffee Pot Process Mapping

This episode was recorded at an ASQ Section 1422 meeting where Kyle Chambers discusses among other things tools Consultants and Auditors can use, and even Quality Managers, to conduct a GAP Assessment using Process Maps.  Kyle explores this through the lens of what he dubs Coffee Pot Process Mapping.

ISO 9001, ISO 45001, API, ISO 14001, QMS, Quality Management Sytstem

Consultant, Auditor, Process Map
Consulting, Auditing, Process Mapping, ASQ Bay Area 1422

How does consultants and auditors get their start on a project? The simplest answer is a GAP Assessment. But that’s not so simple. Tune in as we explore developing a Coffee Pot Process Map to build a Quality Management System.

Check out our YouTube Channel to view the live recorded video as well. Enjoy!

Process Map
Consulting, Auditing, Process Mapping

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