Ep 40 – Four (4) day work week – Microsoft Japan

Four (4) day work week - microsoft japan

Four day work week, sounds great at first.  Seems Microsoft Japan has had a lot of success with it so far.  But there are a lot of variables at play here from cultural differences between Japan and the US, what about the impact of increased productive time during the day at work to impacts on your personal life, say scheduling doctor visits or helping out with your kids.  See what Microsoft says about the plan, know as the “Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer.”

“Microsoft Japan CEO Takuya Hirano noticed that in addition to being more productive, the workers asked for fewer days off. Costs declined too. As you could imagine, a high amount— 92%—of Microsoft Japan’s employees said they preferred the four-day work week.”

Could this be implemented for Small and Medium sized business in the USA?  We’re not sure, but we are intrigued at the first large scale test of the idea.  Check out more for yourself at the links below.         

Microsoft Japan’s plan for a four day work week

Fourbes Article on the Four day work week

They call it the “Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer.”

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