Ep 30 – Mark LaCour – Quality, Sales & Contract Review (Understanding the Standard)

A very special episode today, not just because we are talking sales and finishing the Understanding the Standard Mini Series, but we our guest today, Mark LaCour, Editor in Chief of the OGGN the Oil & Gas Global Network.  Sales is so often not considered as a part of the Quality Management System, but 100% should be.  The fact is that sales buttresses the front and rear of the PDCA Cycle.  Don’t under estimate the value of communication and skill of the sales team, and be sure to integrate with your business operations.  Mark has some great suggestions from strategy during implementation of a project to handling Management of Change.

#QualityMatters with Mark LaCour OGGNYour sales team, sales process, contract review, and identifying customer requirements UP FRONT is vital to winning loyalty and customer satisfaction on the back end.

Kyle was guest on episode #18 not #29 (Kyle remembered the episode number incorrectly) with Mark on the Red Wing Oil & Gas HSE Podcast back in 2016, #018 Oil and Gas HSE Podcast: Quality Management Systems and Eliminating Endless Paperwork.

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