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Oil & Gas - Market Research - Frac & FracK

Episode 0048 — Richard Spears [Spears & Associates]

Thanks for tuning into the #QualityMatters Podcast. Let’s start with a fun question here for the Oil & Gas World.

AIRIS Wellsite Services Frac Sand

Episode 0047 – FRAC SAND & AIRIS Wellsite Services

This week’s episode is from the DUG Mid Continent HART Energy Conference. We spoke with AIRIS Wellsite Services about Frac

Episode 0046 Sarge's Industry Solutions

Episode 0046 – Sarge Summers – Military Service, Energy – Oil & Gas Industry

Podcasting again from the DUG Mid Continent Conference in Oklahoma City we met up with the man, the myth, the

Episode 0045 Hunter Davis of Davis Arial Solutions

Our last episode of 2019 folks. Thank you all for tuning in and checking us out. This week is Hunter

Episode 0044 ASQ Houston -Sales & Shooting the Shit

The last of our ASQ Houston Area Quality Conference Episodes. This week’s episode was a blast. Recorded with Mike Prior

Episode 0043 ASQ Houston – Fab and Simplified Lean Six Sigma

Job Shops, Lean Six Sigma, Quality and why these are dirty words, and should not be. Perhaps, the problem is

Episode 0042 - ASQ Houston Area Quality Conference

Episode 0042 – ASQ Houston Area Quality Conference

Evidence against that no matter the profession from oil & gas to medical and pharmaceutical Quality Matters.  But be sure

41 – Coffee Pot Process Mapping

This episode was recorded at an ASQ Section 1422 meeting where Kyle Chambers discusses among other things tools Consultants and

Four (4) day work week - microsoft japan

Four (4) day work week – Microsoft Japan

Four day work week, sounds great at first.  Seems Microsoft Japan has had a lot of success with it so

Episode 0039 — Quality, Marriage, Martial Arts and Management – ASQ Conference w/ Dr. Rob

What a joy it was to sit down with Dr Rob Pennington.  For those that don’t’ know him YET, Dr.