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Month: July 2019

It Starts at the Top | Episode 25

This week, we continued our mini-series breaking down the ISO 9001 Standard.  Our first week, we simply discussed what ISO

Understanding the Standard (Stump the Boss Lady) | Episode 0024

What do you know about the ISO 9001:2015 standard?  The Boss Lady has claimed several times to know nothing about

Understanding the Standard – Introduction to the Mini Series – Episode 0023

Welcome back to #QualtiyMatter podcast y'all!  We are kicking off a new mini series titled "Understanding the Standard".  We talk

Purdeep Sangha and The Importance of Teams & Processes for Organizational Success | Episode 22

What a great episode today.  We have Purdeep Sangha, entrepreneur, coach, trainer, author and more... Pudeep is known for Teaching

ASQ – The Global Voice of Quality Professional Development June 20th #QualityMatters | Episode 21

In today’s episode we are wrapping up our opportunity to speak for ASQ’s professional dinner on June 20th 2019.  Again,

Independence Day – Tips for Quality Matters at the Grill (4th of July Special) | Episode 20

Independence Day | 4th of July Today’s episode is a special episode, and proof again that Quality Matters Everywhere!  Many